Anindita Basu

Technical writer, technical editor, UI/UX designer, and self-learning coder


  • done Online help
  • done Context-sensitive help
  • done UI text
  • done Writing style guide
  • done Tutorials
  • done Videos
  • done API documents
  • done UI wireframes
  • directions_run ...whatever's next...

Writing sample: Tutorial

arrow_upward A 4-part series on how to build an app that gets data from Twitter and uses that data for cognitive insights through IBM Watson services

Wireframes for an enterprise-level report generation software arrow_downward

Design sample: Wireframe


DITA, Markdown, HTML, Arbortext Editor, oXygen XML Editor, Viewlet Builder


Madcap Flare, Camtasia, Pencil, JustInMind, Maqetta


Swagger, XML, XSL, Python


Built an API and an app around the Vedas (free to use)

build Sample app

book Documentation

directions_walk Interactive walkthrough (click the .ipynb files)

Coded some tools (copyleft licence)

book Anin's documentation tools (these work on .dita files)

book StopWords check for GitHub docs (works on any GitHub repo)

Contribute to open-source (ongoing)

Style guide for UI text

- 6 pull requests (merged), Oct 2019, for Hacktoberfest
- 2 pull requests (merged), Dec 2019, for jekyll
- 2 pull requests (1 merged), Jan 2020, for Mattermost


🎨 Poke around with infographics

📖 Write some books

🚶 Wander and stare

photo_camera See, Shoot, Puzzle

The all-consuming Mahabharat project (see the ...what, how, where...)

📚 arrow_right_alt arrow_right_alt chat + lock_open API

school Bachelor of Science 🌸 🧪 🐈

school Master of Business Administration 💰