Anindita Basu

Hi! I am a technical writer and editor. I make unfamiliar things look less frightening.

I write menu names, button names, option labels, dialog box headings, error messages, notifications, and every little thing you see on user interfaces.

I also write HowTos, tutorials, API references, admin and deployment guides, and other long-form text that you need to read to get a software up, running, and usable.

Sometimes, I make videos.

At other times, I draw wireframes and prototypes for user interfaces.

At all times, I remain curious. Because, that's what helps me write for you — my reader — you who will use my words to get your jobs done as fast as possible.

My special areas of interest are information architecture and content strategy. Also, docs as code.

Oh, and did I mention I'm tool agnostic? Tools are a only a means to an end, aren't they? Like, one can play chess even without the chess pieces... (you can watch the following video clip on mute if you don't know Hindi; sometimes, even language is a tool)

Tools are only tools

Play chess without the pieces

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