Wireframes: Report generation software

These are the wireframes for a report generation software. This enterprise-level software is for creating reports that contain data pulled from disparate sources. These data sources can either be documents themselves (in .doc, .pdf., or .xml formats) or be other documents created through this software. Parts (or sections) of a report can contain data from more than one source.

User analysis

The software is used by the following two categories of people:

  • Administrators: People who design the report templates and give access permissions thereto. Report templates do not change on a daily basis.
  • Users: People who run report templates to generate the actual reports.

The software is used either on a desktop or on a laptop; it is not used on any handheld device.

UI design goal

  • An administrator task sould not take more than 7 clicks or 3 screens.
  • A user task should not take more than 3 clicks.


A representative set is given on this page; not all of the wireframes for this project are included here.