Wireframes for a report generation software. This enterprise-level software is for creating reports that contain data pulled from disparate sources. These data sources can either be documents themselves (in .doc, .pdf., or .xml formats) or be other documents created through this software. Parts (or sections) of a report can contain data from more than one source. Project went live in 2015

Mockups for the template-making feature of a software. The focus was to enhance the existing UI to prevent the 'blank page syndrome' that many first-time users of the software complained about. The mockups were created around a persona. Project went live in 2016

Wireframes to show how I'd like my Kindle Reader to be. The user tasks focussed on are: browsing a library; referring to bookmarks, notes, and highlights; adding books to collections; and exploring a book, annotating, and sharing while reading it.

... under construction ...

Podcast website
Wireframes for a podcast website. This website posts a podcast every week; the podcasts are Indian-language stories written and narrated by the storytellers themselves. Listeners can send in their own stories, and subscribe to email updates. Project went live in 2016

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