vs API reference

A description of all of the nouns in vedic literature, including the flora, fauna, geography, food, relationships, and objects

vs = Vedic Society

You can make only GET calls to the API.



The response format is JSON.

Example response

        "word": "aksh",
        "nagari": "अक्ष",
        "description": "the axle of a chariot",
        "category": "chariot"
        "word": "aksh",
        "nagari": "अक्ष",
        "description": "dice",
        "category": "dicing"


The GET calls are served over HTTPS. The following string resources are available:

  • word: The noun, in Sanskrit, transliterated into the roman script, for example, agnishala. Filtering is like this: /resources?word=<string>. For example, /resources?word=shat returns all words that contain shat, for example, kshatriya, prishat, or shatapati.
  • nagari: The noun, in the Nagari script, for example, आल. You cannot filter on this resource.
  • description: The description of the noun, for example, boa constrictor, mentioned in the list of victims at the ashwamedh (horse sacrifice). Filtering is like this: /resources?description=<string>. For example, /resources?description=horse returns all descriptions that contain the word horse.
  • category: The category the noun belongs to, for example, disease. The following categories are available:
    • Flora: grass, plant, tree
    • Fauna: animal, bird, cattle, fish, insect, snake, worm
    • Things: building, chariot, food, grain, metal, object, ship, weapon, war
    • Measurements: number, distance, time, weight
    • Geography: mountain, place, river
    • Knowledge: astronomy, disease, literature, medicine, poison, subject
    • Entertainment: dicing, games, music
    • Toilette: clothing, hair, ornament
    • Legal: law, morals
    • Societal: agriculture, caste, family, occupation, priest, royalty, trade, tribe
    Filtering is like this: /resources?category=<string>. For example, /resources?category=clothing returns all nouns that are tagged as clothing. A noun can belong to more than one category. For example, aj is both an animal and the name of a tribe.

Filtering on more than one parameter in a single API request is not supported. Filtering on the nagari resource is not supported.


Some Python code is available in this ipynb file.

Some client libraries are at GitHub repo. These SDKs are generated automatically through Swagger and do not work on their own; you need to create an application that will use the SDK to make API calls. To get started, see the README.md file in the SDK.

If the language that you want is not listed, log a GitHub issue. Or, if you are on Swagger, generate your own client SDK by using the YAML files in the GitHub repo.